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Was bringt Selen gegen Ödeme?
von Tanja - 00.00.2004 - 00:18

Hat jend schon Erfahrungen mit Seleneinnahme gemacht, was Ödeme verringern helfen soll?

Antwort von Marcos am 00.00.2012 um 03:31

for the kind words! Yes, that is our Elsa. She is a sweetie.Yes, I have. I haven't eaten any that came in this pclitaurar kit, but I have eaten Mountain House products before. Yes, they are good! I believe I have had their lasagna and their blueberry cheesecake at least. Hard to keep track because I have had other meals from other makers too. I remember that the ones I had were good! You know, not your mother's lasagna, but on a 3 day kayak trip.. pretty good!

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